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What Do Our Customers Say?

I was recently involved in a large infrastructure project that required an alternative solution than that offered by current routine/traditional manufacturing procedures for architectural parts manufacture and supply. The assistance received by Rowe Trading was phenomenal and was certainly one of the main contributing reasons for our success. The input was both highly technical and complimentary to our existing knowledge of manufacturing processes. So, it was a pleasure to receive solid assistance from Ryan at Rowe Trading. Thank you again Ryan.






James Armstrong – Chimes Industries

We have been using Rowe Trading for our Distribution label applications for the past 9 months and have been very impressed. Our representative is super helpful and has exceptional knowledge on Labels, Printers, adhesives and how they relate and apply to our distribution network. We love the quick response and willingness to trial certain products within our business and of course we love that the cost is where we need it to be.

Dan Butler – Supply Chain Manager


We have been a customer of Rowe Trading Co for more than 20 years and over that time they have been a reliable partner, offering excellent products at a competitive price on time every time. I have no reservation in recommending them to prospective customers.

Ron Candy

Precision Group

For well over two decades I have dealt with Rowe trading and have found the service and products invaluable to my professional working life. In an industry where you are constantly challenged with making different props, the amazing range of products that are available allow me to be diverse in many fields of work ranging from international theatre, television to working for a plastic surgery.

Geoff Baldacchino – Props Lecturer / Performing Arts

Adelaide College of the Arts Australia
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