• Task 7 Trial Kit (1kg)

Task 7 Trial Kit (1kg)

  • Brand: Smooth-On
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Task 7 - Flame Resistant Urethane Resin


  • Fast Setting
  • Tough, Durable
  • Machinable, Paintable
  • Flame Rated
  • Low Viscosity

TASK 7® Flame out, is a low viscosity and fast setting resin that meets UL94 V-) requirements for flame resistance.

Task® Plastics are a new generation of performance urethane casting resins that offer superior physical properties compared to our popular Smooth-Cast line of general purpose casting resins. TASK® Plastics feature convenient mix ratios by volume (pbv) or weight (pbw), low viscosities, high tensile and flexural strength, as well as high flexural modulus. These resins are designed for casting in thicknesses up to ½" (1.27 cm).

Task 7 Flame Out - 2.5 Minute Pot Life - 10 Minute Handling Time - 73 ShoreD

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