Smooth-On Smooth-Cast Urethane Resins

Say goodbye to vacuum degassing. Our Smooth-On Smooth Cast urethane resins are ultra-low viscosity so they produce virtually bubble-free results!

When you need brilliant white castable urethane resin for small to medium-size projects like prototypes, special effects, décor, reproductions, and other items, there’s no better choice.

Fast Casting Urethane Resin

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Smooth-On’s fast cast urethane resins are extremely affordable and cure quickly. So they make an economical solution for many industrial, commercial, and hobby applications.

  • De-mould times vary between 15 minutes and 4 hours
  • Bright white and colour neutral options
  • Easily add your own pigments
  • Low to no odour options are ideal for at-home projects
  • Easy to mix with a 1:1 ratio
  • Low density option that float in water

Once cured, fast cast urethane delivers unbeatable impact resistance and durability – perfect for high-impact tools, foundry parts, concrete stamping pads, and abrasion-resistant pieces in industrial applications.

Casting urethane resin is also suitable for jewellery beads, props, decorative items, and everything else that demands semi-rigid plastic.

Not sure if this is the right casting material? Choose a castable urethane rubber trial kit before you stock up.

Browse our Smooth-On urethane resins below and find the perfect solution for your project!

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