Specialty Resins

Our clear resin casting options are perfect for when you need finished products as clear as glass. Pour it, spread it, colour it, float it – there’s a resin to meet your needs below.

Feel free to drill, sand, paint, or carve your finished product – these casting resins are strong!

Clear Urethane Resin and More

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The resins below are ideal for jewellery, prototypes, special effects, props, lenses, encapsulations and many other applications.

Our crystal-clear urethane resin series are low-viscosity, durable, easy to use, and impact resistant.

  • Low-density options that float in water
  • Room temperature curing options
  • Spray, brush, or pour your castings
  • Pigment your resins for custom colours
  • Durable with virtually no shrinkage
  • Low-odour and MOCA-free varieties

Other specialty resins below are ideal for painting onto 3D-printed parts for added durability.

Not sure which choice is right for your project? Try a sample kit or two to run some tests before you commit to a full size.

Browse our high-quality casting resins below to find the perfect specialty solution for your project!

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