Epoxy Clay Putties - Sculpting

Sometimes, brushing or pouring isn’t suitable for the job. You need to get your hands dirty and sculpt it yourself. That’s where our epoxy clay comes into play.

For the uninitiated, epoxy sculpting clay is a form of clay that doesn’t require added heat for it to set. It cures over a relatively short period of working time, and this is caused by a chemical reaction. This reaction takes place as epoxy putty clay is typically sold in two parts, and these are combined together for the magic to happen.

When you require lightweight yet durable solutions for your sculpting projects. For everything from art projects to industrial parts. The answer can be found with one of our two-part epoxy sculpt clay products.

The Control and Precision You Require

Clay sculpting is not a task where you want to use an inferior product. If this happens, you'll struggle to create a design that matches your overall vision. Your enjoyment of crafting will also be negatively impacted.

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This is the main reason why we only stock high-quality epoxy products. These are supplied by Smooth-On, an industry leader when it comes to crafting everything from clay to plastics. Even if you've never heard of the brand, you'll have seen their products being turned into three-dimensional wonders for the big screen and television.

Smooth-On epoxy sculpting products are renowned for the control and precision they deliver. This presents the opportunity for you to quickly integrate fine lines, dynamic strokes, and precise details. It’s also possible to produce tricky repeating texture details like fur, hair, and feathering.

Why Choose Smooth-On Epoxy Clay?

There are other benefits that Smooth-On’s two-part epoxy clay provides. One of these is the adhesive nature of the product. As well as being able to bond to a wide assortment of surfaces, it’s simple to add new putty to an existing piece of cured putty.

Once cured, epoxy putties and clays are rigid, hard, and so lightweight that it floats in water. Our range of epoxy putties:

  • Sticks to vertical surfaces
  • Easy to customise with pigments
  • Affordable and easy enough for everyone to use
  • Solvent-free with no VOCs
  • Suitable for interior and exterior projects
  • Black and neutral colour options available
  • Most cure in 16 to 24 hours
  • Varying pot life options to meet your working needs
  • Easy to hand-mix

You also have the option to paint, sand, drill, carve, shape or complete other processes with cured material.

You can apply epoxy clay to many surfaces including wood, stone, and other epoxy varieties. They’re also suitable for creating moulds or lightweight composite parts.

Some choices below are also safe for marine life, fire-resistant and flame-resistant options are also available.

Finding The Right Epoxy Putty For Sculpting

You have a project idea. You have the tools ready to go. Now you just need to acquire the right epoxy sculpt putty. That is where we can help. At Rowe Trading, we only stock epoxy products of the highest quality. Our experts put in the research to source the right products for our customers.

As a result, you're not limited by the type of sculpture you want to make. This sculpture could be something relatively small, like an ornament design or mask. Yet you can also go much more ambitious with a sculpt, creating ambitious projects that will shine as part of a movie or TV project. Even if you’re not working on custom sculptures for those types of projects, epoxy putty is great for hobbyists that are simply creating models for their home or to sell as gifts.

Are you wondering what epoxy clay product is best for you? Perhaps you want more information about the two-part process? Feel free to get in touch, and our specialists will guide you in the right direction.

Browse the epoxy putties below to find the perfect solution for your project!

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