Durable Polyurethane Expanding Foams, Spray Foams, and Foam Rubbers

Polyurethane Foam

Our two-part polyurethane foams come in a broad range of formulas to meet the needs of your specific project. Choose from different strengths and flexibilities to unlock unlimited creative potential.

Dozens of Expanding, Rigid, and Flexible Polyurethane Foam Varieties to Choose From

From light-weight props to silicone masks and costumes, our high-quality polyurethane foams are carefully selected to help you create projects that last. Foam rubber makes it easy to unleash creativity and bring your projects to life.

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  • Density: Choose from rigid, flexible, or silicone foams for your projects.
  • Cure time: Find the right time to meet your needs.
  • UV resistant colour: Add pigment to your creations that won’t degrade in sunlight.
  • High-quality urethane foam: Your designs are sure to last whatever you throw at them.
  • Bulk and trial sizes: Choose from different trial kits and bulk options for endless possibilities.
  • Easy to use: Our spray foam products make it easy to apply quickly and exactly where you need it.

Our specially formulated polyurethane foam products come in various sizes. Making it easy for you to find the right solution to meet your needs.

Browse our range of Smooth-On Foams and grab some flexible, rigid, or silicone foams to start creating today!

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