Silicone Rubber & Liquid Silicone for Moulds

Silicone Rubber

Our silicone rubbers are available in a range of hardness levels from very soft to medium.

You can use our silicone rubbers for your mould making. Pour, brush or spray the silicone rubber on to a model and create the details that no other mould rubber can do.

Our liquid silicone products are non-reactive and strong. Making them perfect for your unique creative projects.


We only offer the highest-quality solutions to make customised silicone moulds. Adhesives for repairs, preparation solutions, specialised kits, and bulk solutions. Unleash your creative potential with our silicone rubber and liquid rubber materials.

Our range of products suit specific requirements based on different factors like:

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  • Skin-safe: Our skin-safe elastomers are perfect for spreading across the eyes, mouth and body to create perfect body doubles.
  • Working and demould times: Our fast-dry solutions set in as little as 90-seconds, while standard varieties are ready in 20 minutes or more. Choose the perfect working time to meet your needs.
  • Viscosity: Need something to pour, brush, smooth onto body parts or spray onto hard surfaces? We've got you covered.
  • Repairs and Prep: We offer everything you need to create moulds from start to finish and beyond. Check out our repair adhesives and surface preparation solutions.
  • Bulk and trial sizes: Try before you stock up. We offer the right size for every project.
  • Cast with almost any material: Need to build something with plaster, metals, wax, or resin? No problem. We have a silicone rubber to suit your project.
  • High temperature resistant: silicone rubber is the only mould rubber suitable for casting low melt metal alloys such as tin, pewter, lead.

Silicone rubbers have the best release properties of all rubber moulds. No release agent is required if you're doing production casting resins with polyurethanes, polyesters, and epoxy. Making your life easy as no post-production cleanup is needed.

Silicone rubbers can be cured with a platinum catalyst (addition cure) or a tin catalyst (condensation cure).

Browse the products below and choose a material to bring your creativity to life!

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