• Derma-tac 1oz (28gm)

Derma-tac 1oz (28gm)

  • Brand: Smooth-On
  • Product Code: SODERMATAC.1
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  • $46.49 AUD
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Derma-tac™ silicone prosthetic adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive designed for temporarily adhering silicone and latex makeup prosthetic appliances to the skin.

Derma-tac™ is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory per OECD Test Guideline 439. This test was developed to determine skin sensitivity of materials. This is a low odor formulation which is cosmetic grade and non-irritating.

Note: If adhering appliances created without a cap plastic membrane and made using Ecoflex™ silicone, using Skin Tite™ skin safe silicone adhesive will produce a better bond.

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