• Dragon Skin Series Trial Kit (900gm)

Dragon Skin Series Trial Kit (900gm)

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Dragon Skin® Series - Trial Kits 900gm

What do we love about Dragon Skin® ?

  • easy to use 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • available in different pot life and demold times
  • translucent - easy to colour
  • high tear strength - VERY STRETCHY!
  • easy to thin down with silicone thinner
  • becomes a brushable silicone when Thi-Vex® is added
  • Dragon Skin® 10 is certified Skin Safe

Dragon Skin® Series silicone rubbers are high performance platinum cure silicone rubbers, ideal for medical prosthetics, skin effects and movie special effects including anamatronics where repetitive motion is required.  Dragon Skin® is also perfect for strong, durable, tear resistant molds that produce excellent detail with negligible shrinkage.   We love the Dragon Skin® because when cured it is very strong and very “stretchy”. It will stretch many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion.  

  • 10 ShoreA Slow - 45 Minute Potlife - 7 Hour Demold
  • 10 ShoreA Medium - 20 Minute Potlife - 5 Hour Demold
  • 10 ShoreA Fast - 8 Minute Potlife - 75 Minute Demold
  • 10 ShoreA Very Fast - 4 Minute Potlift - 30 Minute Demold
  • 20 ShoreA - 25 Minute Potlife - 4 Hour Demold
  • 30 ShoreA - 45 Minute Potlife - 16 Hour Demold
  • No Vacuum 10 ShoreA - 15 Minute Potlife - 75 Minute Demold

If you would like more Technical Information you can view it here - http://www.smooth-on.com/tb/files/DRAGON_SKIN_SERIES_TB.pdf



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