From Starter Kits to Success

Many businesses start off in homes as hobbies, one such example is Back 2 Base-ix. Aaron was an avid Wargamer, and in pursuit of making his game experiences unique he started experimenting with mould making and casting. His experiments were conducted using Smooth-On trial kits of silicone rubber and polyurethane plastic, he would reproduce game pieces by moulding and casting with the simple to use kits. This new found skill of moulding and casting soon developed into a lucrative online business producing gaming pieces, boards and accessories for gamers all over the world. They have continued to develop and expand the range now including things like precision laser cut markers, tokens and movement trays, hobby materials like flock grasses and styrene plastics

The smooth on trial kits are an excellent way to experiment with a product you have not experienced before. Trial kits are approximately 1kg of product which is generally more than enough for that small project you have in mind or to experiment with. The Starter kits consist of silicone rubber trial kit, sealer, casting resin, and instructions on how to use the products, they are a great product for an introduction to moulding and casting, who knows the hobby project that you start today may be your business tomorrow.