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How to Bond Materials to LDPE & HDPE Polyethylene
Polyethylene is a lightweight thermoplastic. This type of plastic is often classified as Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It is commonly used as packaging and material for storage containers, chemical drums and tanks. Its nonporous surface makes it an ideal packaging material for adhesives since most glue can’t stick to a Polyethylene surface.How do I Bond Materials to Polyethylene?The nature of Polyethylene as a containing material for adhesives introduces a roadblock when trying to assemble Polyethylene plastics. Polyethylene has a non-stick surface, which..
How to Make a Glow in the Dark Shelf Using Epoxy Resin
Making stunning one-of-a-kind accident shelves can be easy and fun with Smooth-On’s line of epoxy resins. In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating how to make a wood shelf with glow in the dark accents using XTC-3D epoxy resin and Glow Worm glow in the dark powder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhCJfewREOwReady to get started? Here is a list of a few things you will need to complete this project:Smooth-On XTC-3D epoxy resinSmooth-On Glow Worm glow in the dark powderHickory Board (36” x 7” or 91 cm x 17 cm)Aluminum foilMixing cupsTongue depressor/Popsicle sticksIsopropyl Alcohol Shelf mount..
How to Make a River Table Using Clear Epoxy Resin and Reclaimed Cedar Wood
Have you ever pictured a gorgeous river wood table in your living room? If you’re reading this tutorial, you’ve probably looked through all of the pinterest boards for inspiration, and selected the perfect piece of wood for the project. Now you are ready to begin!In this tutorial, we will go through the step-by-step process of creating a river table using reclaimed cedar wood and Smooth-On clear epoxy resin. This is a multi-day process, but the end result will be a high gloss and UV resistant custom table - well worth the time and effort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWkldrESy3QYou will nee..
Medical Simulation: Creating a Needle Insertion Training Pad
Smooth-On products can be used for a variety of purposes. Smooth-On silicones can even be effectively used in the medical industry to simulate human tissue. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to make your own silicone needle insertion training pads using Dragon Skin 10 SiliconeWhen made correctly, silicone training pads are an easy and cost effective way to practice precise and safe needle insertion. All materials used to build them are non-toxic, latex free and they are capable of holding fluid without leaking. They’re also reusable and durable, so they are an economical alternative..
Zombie Makeup Tutorial
Do you want to make professional-quality zombie makeup? Do you want your zombie to look like it has just climbed out of a grave? Make your zombie costume look like it walked straight out of a horror movie by incorporating homemade prosthetics in your makeup. Prosthetic wounds add dimension and an element of horror, which is a must have for any shambling corpse. They can also be prepared ahead of time and then stored for fast and easy application. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate step-by-step how to make silicone prosthetics quickly, easily and without the use of a mold. These prostheti..
Make Your Own Impact Resistant Cosplay Props Using Urecoat Flexible Urethane Coating
So you want to make your own custom cosplay props. Where do you begin? If a prop is going to survive a convention, or a LARPing session, then the props need to be lightweight and durable, but also stylish and affordable. For this kind of project, the material that best fits this description is a brushable urethane plastic, like Urecoat. Urethane plastic is impact resistant, flexible, and strong even when applied in thin coats. Perfect for props like shields and armor. For this project, you will first need to make a mold from an original model or sculpture.The shape of the model will determine ..
Mold Making Tutorial - How to Make a Silicone Squish Mold for Casting a Resin Model Car Body
How to Make a Silicone Squish Mold for Casting a Resin Model Car BodyCreating small finely detailed castings, such as a model car, can be tricky. Castings with thin walls have a tendency to be fragile, and any flaws in the mold can result in hours of tedious cleanup on the final product.Fortunately, for all of you model car enthusiasts, making your own custom molds may not be as difficult as you think. With time, patience, and the right materials, you can build a mold which will make model car building a breeze.From larger than life sculptures to small finely detailed models, Smooth-On makes a..
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How To Make Hollow Resin Castings Using Smooth-Cast
So you want to make a plastic casting of an object or sculpture, but don’t know where to begin? Semi-rigid urethane plastics (such as Smooth-Cast  57D) can be used to make hollow castings. This method of pouring molds is a highly efficient use of material, and is ideal for creating highly durable and lightweight castings. Have a mold ready to begin? Below are easy to follow, step-by-step, instructions for making hollow castings using Smooth-On urethane plastic.Step One - Release AgentFor easy demolding, we highly recommend using a release agent on the working surface of your mold. While u..
From Starter Kits to Success
Many businesses start off in homes as hobbies, one such example is Back 2 Base-ix. Aaron was an avid Wargamer, and in pursuit of making his game experiences unique he started experimenting with mould making and casting. His experiments were conducted using Smooth-On trial kits of silicone rubber and polyurethane plastic, he would reproduce game pieces by moulding and casting with the simple to use kits. This new found skill of moulding and casting soon developed into a lucrative online business producing gaming pieces, boards and accessories for gamers all over the world. They ..
Pandamonium at the Zoo
The EZ-Spray Junior system is suitable for small, medium and larger spray applications, for applying rubber,  foam or a hard coating. One customer who has used this system for a number of years on a regular basis is Uracast. Their first job was to use the EZ-Spray Junior to make eight moulds of a dome which was part of Bonython building at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. The building was being restored and the domes were needed to be recreated to preserve the authenticity of the building. Uracast used be EZ-Spray silicon 35 to make moulds of one of the domes..
Body Double® SILK will release from hair-covered skin surfaces  (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows, pubic hair, etc.). Release cream or Hyperfolic are not needed when using Body Double® SILK. Body Double® SILK will last for many castings of almost any material including plaster, Matrix® Neo®, wax, resins (Smooth-Cast urethanes, polyester, etc.)Body Double® SILK has a working time of 6 minutes and a demold time of 20 minutes (depending on material temperature, ambient temperature and body temperature – see the technical bulletin for details)...
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