• PMC790 Trial Kit (900gm)

PMC790 Trial Kit (900gm)

  • Brand: Smooth-On
  • Product Code: SOPMC790.T
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  • $78.43 AUD
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Potlife 20 min - Demould 48hrs

90 ShoreA

PMC®-790 Urethane Rubber - PMC®-790 is an industrial urethane rubber compound designed to meet the most stringent requirements of industrial production applications. It is a very hard rubber that offers superior tear and tensile strength as well as impact and abrasion resistance.PMC®-790 is suitable for a variety of industrial applications including making concrete stamping pads, mold liners and molds for casting concrete. PMC®-790 is also good for making ball mill liners, industrial rollers and belts, rubber mechanical parts.

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