Baby Doll Platinum Silicone Painting Practice Bundle

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If you are looking to give the FuseFX Silicone Paints a try by practicing on the face of a Reborn Baby Doll, then look no further than this cost-effective way to get everything you need to take full advantage of the FuseFx system.

This Baby Doll Platinum Silicone Painting Practice Bundle is for new Reborn Doll Artists who just want to get down and practice on a face before committing to a full-body silicone creation. The paints are all F-series which means great colours suitable for airbrushing and using as washes. The trial kit included in this bundle contains 10g of each colour as well as the LY-01.

Bundles give you the best value and contain everything you need. Each component can also be purchased separately.

Included in this bundle:

1 X Silicone Reborn Doll Practice Face

1 X LY-01 Layering Light

1 X F-218 Sasha Vein Blue

1 X F-230 Darkest Brown

1 X F-231 Nailbed

1 X F-235 Lips

1 X F-237 Natural Blush

1 X Part A Refill

1 X M/F-110 Clear

1 X Matting Powder

Weight 3 kg
  1. Annette Gibson (verified owner)

    Wonderful company very loyal to their customers.well done

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