Smooth-On EA40 Epoxy Adhesive Pint 940gm

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Smooth-On EA-40 is a water and heat resistant epoxy glue ideal for a wide range of applications like laminating, electrical plotting, and jewellery making.

The long 2-hour pot life and near-transparent finish makes Smooth-On EA-40 versatile and easy to use for several projects and industries.

Choose Smooth-On EA-40 Clear Epoxy Adhesive

Smooth-On EA-40 is an unfilled epoxy adhesive that’s low-viscosity and easy to spread in thin films. The standard mix ratio is 1:1 but you can improve the heat resistance and durability by mixing 2A:1B by volume.

  • 24-hour cure time at room temperature
  • 2-hour pot life
  • Heat resistant up to 73-degrees Celsius with 1A:1B ratio
  • Heat resistant up to 103-degrees Celsius with 2A:1B ratio
  • Suitable for porous materials after sanding and drying
  • Perfect for laminating fine wood and high-performance bows
  • Waterproof in tap water up to 30 days

EA-40 waterproof epoxy adhesive is a highly moisture resistant bond, meeting the moisture resistant performance requirements for Federal Specification MMM-A-188, Type III, making it ideal for repairing plumbing fixtures.

Always wear cotton gloves to avoid contaminating the 24 hour epoxy glue workspace with oils.

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