Smooth-On Dragon Skin 10 Medium 5 Gallon Kit 36.28kg

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Smooth-On Dragon Skin 10 Medium silicone rubbers are high-performance platinum cure silicone rubbers, ideal for medical prosthetics, skin effects and movie special effects including animatronics where repetitive motion is required. Dragon Skin 10 Medium is also perfect for strong, durable, tear-resistant molds that produce excellent detail with negligible shrinkage.

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Smooth-On Dragon Skin 10 Medium

Smooth-on Dragon Skin 10 Medium is ideal for a variety of projects ranging from medical prosthetics, skin effects, to movie special effects.

Dragon Skin platinum silicone is durable and strong making it long-lasting. It’s soft and stretchy finish gives you the freedom to create the unique details your creation needs. Durable and strong dragon skin platinum silicone will always bounce back to its original form without distortion when stretched.

Skin-safe certification means you can apply dragon skin 10 directly to skin without causing irritation when creating prosthetics and special effects.

Why Choose Smooth-On Dragon Skin 10 Medium?

Dragon Skin platinum silicone is water white translucent and you can combine with colour pigments like Smooth-On Silc Pig to create a variety of colour effects.

  • Easy to use 1:1 mix ratio by volume & weight
  • 20-minute pot life
  • Translucent – easy to colour
  • High tear strength – VERY STRETCHY!
  • Easy to thin down with Silicone Thinner
  • Easy to thicken with Thi-Vex
  • Certified Skin Safe
  • Cures at room temperature in 5 hours

We recommend vacuum degassing to minimise air bubbles in the cured rubber.

Bring your projects to life with Dragon Skin 10 Medium.

Looking for a different type of hardness or pot life and cure time? Check out our Dragon Skin Silicone Gallon Series.

Weight 40 kg

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