Smooth-On EcoFlex Super Soft Silicone 1 Gallon Kit 7.26kg

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Smooth-On Ecoflex Silicone Rubber – 1 Gallon Kit

When you need the softest silicone available, reach for Smooth-On Ecoflex! Ecoflex isn’t just soft and flexible – it’s also incredibly durable. 

That’s why EcoFlex is ideal for a wide range of applications including orthotic cushioning, prosthetics, and animatronic props. It’s designed to last.

Why Choose Smooth-On Ecoflex Silicone Rubber?

Unlike other silicone rubbers, Ecoflex isn’t tacky or sticky when cured. Plus, it’s easy to mix and is available in low-viscosity options. 

  • Certified skin-safe varieties available
  • Cures at room temperature  in 5 minutes to 4 hours depending on the hardness level
  • No scale needed – 1:1 mix ratio
  • Readily accepts colour pigments
  • Available in a variety of hardness levels

You can trust that this liquid silicone will always bounce back to its original form without distortion when stretched.

Its skin-safe certification makes Ecoflex ideal for everything from prosthetics to special effects and cosplay. 

Ecoflex silicone rubbers are water white translucent and can be colour pigmented with Silc-Pig pigments for creating a variety of colour effects.

Make sure to choose the specific hardness level from the dropdown menu to meet your unique needs. 

  • Ecoflex 5 – Shore 5A hardness (available only in 400 ML cartridges)
  • Ecoflex 00-50 – Shore 00-50 hardness (below the Shore A scale)
  • Ecoflex 00-30 – Shore 00-30 hardness
  • Ecoflex 00-20 – Shore 00-20 hardness
  • Ecoflex 00-10 – Shore 00-10 hardness (extremely soft)


Weight 8 kg
Eco-Flex Series

00-10 ShoreA, 00-20 ShoreA, 00-30 ShoreA, 00-50 ShoreA

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