Smooth-On EpoxAcast 690 1 Gallon kit 4.72kg

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Whether you’re working with art projects and décor or industrial applications, Smooth-On EpoxAcast 690 provides the crystal clear and durable finish you need!

Jewellery, beads, lenses, encapsulations – it doesn’t get much better than Smooth-On’s UV resistant clear epoxy casting resin for bringing your ideas to life.

Smooth-On Clear Epoxy Casting Resin

Smooth-On 690 UV resistant epoxy resin features a low viscosity formula that’s easy to mix and cures with minimal bubbles – no need for vacuum degassing.

  • 1 Gallon kit

  • Cures with negligible shrinkage

  • 5-hour working time

  • 24-hour cure time at room temperature

  • Accepts colour pigments

  • Not moisture sensitive – suitable for use in humid environments

  • Easy to mix in dry fillers

  • Increase your project’s flexibility by adding a flexibiliser

Your finished product will be moisture resistant, UV resistant, extremely durable, and suitable for outdoor use after a quick coat of an aliphatic urethane clear coat. The large gallon size is ideal for large projects.

Use your Smooth-On EpoxAcast 690 in its natural clear state or feel free to add SO-Strong colour tints for intense vibrancy.

Keep in mind that this UV resistant clear epoxy generates heat so do not mix in foam, plastic, or certain glass containers as they could melt or combust.

Weight 5 kg

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