Smooth-On Epoxacoat 1 Gallon Kit 5.22kg

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Smooth-On EpoxAcoat is durable and abrasion-resistant so it’s ideal for laminating, patterns, core boxes, fixtures, and precision tooling projects.

Thanks to its thixotropic qualities, agitating these epoxy gel coats will reduce its viscosity. Easy to use Smooth-On gel coat epoxy will spread well over a wide range of surfaces yet resist sagging in vertical applications.

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EpoxACoat is tough, stable, and works well with several dry fillers and additives. Easily boost heat resistance EpoxAcoat HT or add colour with Uvo colour agents or pre-tints to bring your projects to life!

EpoxAcoat Gel Coat Features:

  • 20-minute pot life
  • 16-hour cure time
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Readily accepts paint post-cure
  • Heat deflective up to 56 degrees Celsius
  • Available in Red or Grey

For lightweight tools, introduce laminate fibreglass cloth below the surface using laminating epoxy when cured to tacky-hard.

Need a faster cure time? Accelerate the curing process with heat.

This large gallon kit contains everything you need to complete your projects!

Weight 6 kg

Grey, Red

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