Smooth-On EpoxAmite 100/101 1 Gallon Kit 4.53kg

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EpoxAmite 100 is the ideal laminating material for a wide range of fabrications.

As a liquid epoxy, EpoxAmite is easy to use, doesn’t require a scale, offers a low viscosity, and cures at room temperature for easy and fast applications!

Odorless Epoxy with Room Temperature Cure

As a finished product, EpoxAmite offers ultimate stability and durability. Sand, shape, machine, drill, and even paint without cracking or breaking.

  • Odorless epoxy formula for easy indoor application

  • Room temperature cure

  • Low viscosity formula for no bubbles or need for vacuum degassing

  • Neutral colour

  • Readily accepts paint

  • 11-minute pot life (when used with 101 hardener)

  • 6 to 8-hour demould time (when used with 101 hardener)

  • Large 1-gallon size

Pairing with 103 hardener increases the pot life to 55 minutes and demould time to 24 hours, or go for something in the middle with the 102 hardener with a 22 minute pot life and 15 hour cure.

You can further thin down low-viscosity EpoxAmite series 100 by adding Epic Epoxy. Add Urefil 3 or Urefil 7 for bonding, filleting, or fairing. You can also include intense reinforcement with Kevlar, E-Glass, S-Glass, or carbon fibres as well as fumed silica for gel coat applications.

100 series liquid epoxy offers a convenient mix ratio based on volume and you can seamlessly use it with Smooth-On’s pump dispensing system.

Weight 5 kg

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