Smooth-On EpoxAmite 100/102 1 Gallon Kit 4.66kg

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Smooth-On EpoxAmite liquid epoxy resin is easy to use and versatile enough for a wide range of projects.

EpoxAmite 100-series laminating system is odourless and low viscosity yet offers exceptional durability and performance.

Buy Smooth-On 2 Part Liquid Epoxy Resin

Once cured, this liquid epoxy is durable enough to withstand drilling, sanding, machining, shaping, and painting. EpoxAmite 102 also plays well with additives for reinforcement and gel coatings like Kevlar, carbon fibres, S-Glass, E-Glass, and Urefil.

  • Odourless epoxy resin
  • Non-blush formula
  • Dries clear yellow
  • 22-minute pot life
  • 15-hour cure time
  • 10- to 15-hour demould time
  • Boost flexibility or reduce viscosity with Smooth-On additives

Keep in mind that this 2 part epoxy resin is thermogenic so it generates heat. Don’t mix this odourless epoxy in plastic cups or near combustible materials.

Not a fan of clear? Grab some Smooth-On Ignite or Uvo colourants to bring your liquid glass epoxy resin projects to life with vibrant colours.

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