Smooth-On EZ-Spray Silicone Rubber 35 Cartridges 5 x 1500ml

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5 x 1500ml Cartridges

EZ Spray® Silicone 35 is a platinum cure Silicone 35 rubber developed specifically for spraying through the EZ~Spray®Junior Cartridge System

With no or minimal surface preparation, EZ Spray® Silicone 35can be sprayed onto vertical surfaces for making fast rubber molds of large surface areas. After a suitable thickness is attained,EZ Spray® Silicone 35 cures in 1 hour with negligible shrinkage to a durable mold rubber good for production casting resins, foams, concrete, plaster and other materials.

Yield – Each cartridge contains 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kgs) of material. Assuming a thickness of 3/8 inches (0.95 cm), one cartridge ofEZ~Spray® Silicone 35 will cover approximately 1.66 sq. ft. (0.15 square meters).

Weight 10 kg

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