Smooth-On EZ-Spray Urethane Plastic Cartridges 3 x 1500ml

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1.7kg x 3 Cartridges

EZ~Spray Plastic® is a sprayable polyurethane plastic compound.

With high impact resistance, this spray plastic was specifically formulated to be mixed and sprayed via Smooth-On®s EZ~Spray Jr. Spray System.EZ~Spray Plastic® is versatile and can be sprayed over a rubber mold to create ®mother molds® or support shells. It can also be sprayed or meter mixed into rubber molds as a fast setting casting resin.

Cured plastic is lightweight, tough and durable. EZ~Spray Plastic® has a fast gel time for vertical surface application.Material cures in about 3 hours (depending on mass)

Yield – Each cartridge contains 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kgs) of material. Assuming a thickness of 3/8″ inch (0.95 cm), one cartridge of EZ-Spray® Plastic will cover approximately 1.71 sq. ft. (0.6 square meters) 

Weight 6 kg

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