Fuse FX F Series Silicone Paint 30gm

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The F-Series Silicone paints have been developed for the Special-FX Artists, Silicone Sculptors and Doll Artisans in mind. They contain a higher concentration of pigments for faster coverage, which is excellent for airbrush work.
With a wide range of colors, the
 F-Series will make painting realistic skin tones and special-FX props more attainable for the novices and more convenient for the pros.


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F Series

2 Lips 235, Bleached Bone 222, Browny Brown 229, Bruise Purple 221, Bruise Red 219, Bruise Yellow 220, Chewy Magenta 207, Cyan Blue 202, Darkest Brown 230, Earthy Umber 214, Fresh Blood 216, Green Green 210, Jet Black 200, Juicy Orange 205, Just Grey 227, Luscious Red 206, Moulin Rouge 209, Nailbed 231, Natural Blush 237, Natural Tan 236, Old Blood 217, Pickled Olive 211, Pure White 201, Rawest Sienna 232, Real Cool Grey 224, Rusty Sienna 213, Sasha Vein Blue 218, Scarline 228, Sickly Grey 223, Skin Mauve 208, Smokey Black 226, Smooth Blue 203, Smooth Yellow 204, Totally Marooned 215, Ultra Violet 225, Yellow Ochre 212

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