Smooth-On FlexFoam-It III 1 Gallon Kit 9.99kg

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Smooth-On Flex Foam iT III – 1 Gallon

Smooth-On Flex Foam iT III is versatile and easy to use in all kinds of projects. It provides a strong yet flexible finished product ideal for applications ranging from industrial gaskets to special effects and hobbies. 

Why Choose Smooth-On Flex Foam III?

Smooth-On’s FlexFoam iT! series of water-blown polyurethane foams offer a wide range of expansion rates. The FlexFoam iT! III provides the largest expansion rate and lowest density of them all.

FlexFoam iT! III is durable with a high tear strength making it perfect for everything from cushion materials and paddings to movie prop items.

  • White colour
  • Readily accepts vibrant colours and pigments
  • A:B mix ratio – no scale required
  • 3lbs/ft foam density
  • 18x expansion rate
  • 35-second pot life
  • 2-hour cure time

For best results, always use in a warm yet low-humidity environment and work quickly. 

Order a gallon of Smooth-On Flex Foam III now and bring your imagination to life!

Weight 11 kg

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