Smooth-On Free Form Habitat Fire Trial Kit 1.91kg

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When you need versatility from an intense heat resistant epoxy, reach for Smooth-On Free Form Habitat.

This Smooth-On high-temperature epoxy is suitable for use in a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and marine applications thanks to its solvent- and VOC-free formula.

Buy Smooth-On Free Form Habitat Heat Resistant Epoxy

Free Form Habitat is high-density and ideal for sculpting vines, rocks, coral, and all types of displays.

This epoxy cures extremely hard so the finished project is durable and ideal for rubber stamping to create patterns over large surfaces.

Free Form High Temperature Epoxy Features:

  • No carcinogens
  • No solvents or VOCs
  • 90-minute pot life
  • 16-hour cure time
  • Neutral colour
  • Readily accepts paint

Need to apply this high-temperature epoxy over a vertical surface? Add Habitat Folding Powder to reduce sag.

This heat resistant epoxy is also suitable for use as a repair cement as it works well with PVC, plexiglass, acrylic, metals, wood, plastic, and other materials.

Not sure what you need? Give this trial kid a shot and see if Free Form Habitat Fire Safe is the right choice!

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