Fuse FX BC Series Silicone Pigment 30gm

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Our S-SeriesSFX-SeriesBC (Body-Colour)-Series, AND ALL NEW P-Series bases are specially designed to intrinsically colour your silicone pieces. Mixing a few drops of these pigments directly into your silicone mix will tint the whole silicone batch to a specific base colour. You can then add detailed surface colouration with F-SeriesM-Series, and/or LY-Series FuseFX paints.

BC-Series colours are surgeon approved colours for replicating realistic organs and body parts. 4 colours and 4 sizes are available.


  • BC-01 Hearty – for heart, muscle, & gum tissue

  • BC-02 Fatty – for simulating fat tissue

  • BC-03 Bowely – for simulating intestines and bowel tissue

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BC Series

Bowley, Fatty, Hearty

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