Smooth-On In & Out 1 Gallon 3.36kg

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IN & OUT® II water soluble release agent will aid in releasing concrete or gypsum plaster castings from Smooth-On rubber molds. IN & OUT® II provides a clean, positive release and does not interfere with or affect surface detail and helps minimize air bubbles in finished castings. Simplify Your Production Casting With IN & OUT II® 

  • Will Not Stain / Soften Concrete Or Gypsum Surfaces
  • Mix With Water – Economical
  • Will Not Affect Color Pigmenting Of Cast Concrete
  • Minimizes ®Bug Holes® In Concrete And Air Bubbles In Gypsum Castings
  • Keeps Molds Clean – Does Not Build Up
  • Significantly Extends Mold Life 

IN & OUT® II IS DILUTED WITH WATER. Mix 4 parts water to 1 part In & Out® II. Mixing can be done by hand or slow speed mixer. Do not shake or agitate as this may cause product to foam. How you dilute IN & OUT® II  (amount mixed with water, coverage and frequency of application) will depend on the concrete aggregate mix and the form material you are casting into. For example, when casting concrete with a low grit/high sand content (minimal abrasion) into a polyurethane mold, the mix ratio of water to IN & OUT II® can be 4 : 1. High grit content may call for a dilution ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part release agent. Mix only amount needed for one day. Mixture may separate after 24 hours. Re-mix to a uniform consistency and apply.

Weight 4 kg

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