Smooth-On Large Vacuum Chamber

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Vacuum chambers are useful tools for working with epoxies, liquid plastics, and liquid rubbers. A vacuum removes all traces of air and gas from the chamber – which comes in handy when details matter in your finished product of industrial and hobby applications.

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Vacuum Chamber

A vacuum chamber is a useful tool when working with epoxy resin, liquid rubber, and liquid plastic. The reason for this is simple: by using an industrial vacuum chamber, you remove all traces of air and gas from the chamber. If you’re designing a finished product where details matter – and you need to remove blemishes from the equation – a vacuum degassing chamber can be the solution.

Are you having an issue with bubbles popping up in your finished resin, rubber, or plastic products? To prevent this from happening to these materials, you need to place them in a vacuum environment. A vacuum chamber for resin, silicone rubber, and other high-viscosity materials removes all air. The result: you are guaranteed a bubble-free casing each and every time!

What if you’re working with Crystal Clear plastics or other liquid plastics? In this case, a large vacuum chamber is a great tool for degassing the material to remove potential bubbles.

The 5-gallon vacuum chamber for liquids, plastics, and rubbers

Your search for a vacuum chamber is over. Our impressive 5-gallon aluminum vacuum chamber is durable and built to last. This durability is improved upon due to the lid being made from shatter-resistant acrylic. This means there’s no worry about having to replace the lid following an accident.

To ensure pressure is maintained, a positive air-tight seal is created. Our vacuum chamber also features a rubber gasket seal.

Key details:

  • 14” diameter opening
  • 15” tall
  • Holds up to five gallons

If you’re a beginner and not sure how to use a vacuum chamber, our easy-to-read gauge helps to make the process easier. The gauge will display if you’re pulling the required 29 inches of mercury to produce a clear pour each time.

The setup includes a hose. Note: the vacuum pump is not included.

Weight 10 kg

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