Smooth-On Large Vacuum Chamber

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Vacuum chambers are useful tools for working with epoxies, liquid plastics, and liquid rubbers. A vacuum removes all traces of air and gas from the chamber – which comes in handy when details matter in your finished product of industrial and hobby applications.

Do you have an issue with bubbles settling in your finished products? If so, you need a vacuum environment. By removing all the air from high-viscosity materials like resins, you can ensure a bubble-free casing every time!

If you’re working with Crystal Clear plastics and other liquid plastics, a vacuum comes in handy for degassing the material to remove bubbles as well. 

Chamber for Vacuuming Liquid Rubbers and Plastics

Our body chamber is made with durable aluminum, so it’s built to last.  You won’t have to worry about replacing the lid after an accident because it’s made from shatter-resistant acrylic. 

To top it off, the rubber gasket seal creates a positive air-tight seal for maximum efficiency.

  • 14″ diameter opening
  • 15″ tall
  • Holds up to 5 gallons

The easy-to-read gauge ensures that you®re pulling the necessary 29 inches of mercury for a clear pour every time. This setup includes a hose, but the vacuum pump is not included.


Weight 10 kg

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