Fuse Fx LSK 30 Liquid Sheen 30gm

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Liquid Sheen Silicone Surface Treatment

Developed for the Medical Prosthesis industry, Liquid Sheen is a fast curing 2 part silicone (A & B) that can be used for lightly matting down glossy silicone surfaces without the use of powders. It leaves a beautiful natural sheen (not matt) on the surface of Platinum Based Silicone prosthetics without powdering.

Since Liquid Sheen cures quickly, best results are achieved when used to matt down small areas at a time, approx. 6” X 6” (15cm X 15 cm). 

Liquid Sheen has been developed for:
 – matting down shiny silicone surface with a micro thin coat without the use of powders.
 – micro-sealing Alcohol Activated makeup (AA Make-up) applied over silicone.
 – Filling seams on silicone prosthetics.

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  1. Anne Clark

    havn’t tried yet, but am sure it will do what it is supposed to do. Love all your products.

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