Fuse FX LY Paint Series 30gm

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These LY-Series Colors (AKA Layering colors) are a sheer skin tone paint and are a vital part in creating the perfect Intrinsic or Extrinsic skin tone finish.
For extrinsic painting, it is generally applied after the vein and the Blush layers, resulting in a perfect “under-the-skin” look. Final colors are then applied to complete the skin effect.
Use in corresponding 
FISC Silicone Pigments (AKA Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors).
EX: S-301 Light Flesh color pigment is equivalent to LY-01 Light, 
S-304 Light Flesh color pigment is equivalent to LY-04 Light, etc….

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LY Series

LY-00 Porcelain, LY-01 Light, LY-02 Medium, LY-03 Olive, LY-04 Med. Olive, LY-05 Rosy, LY-06 Warm Rosy

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