Smooth-On Mann Ease Release 200 14oz Aerosol 340gm

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Ease Release® 200 is an excellent general purpose release agent for making molds and casting parts. This product will release urethane rubber, urethane resins, polyester resins, RTV silicones, and thermoplastic polymers. Ease Release® 200 is effective on urethane, silicone and metal molds.

Ideal For Releasing:
  ~ Urethane Rubber From Original Models
  ~ Urethane Plastic From Urethane Rubber
  ~ Silicone Rubber From Original Models
  ~ Silicone Rubber From Silicone Rubber
  ~ Urethane Plastic From Silicone Rubber

205 is a liquid version, 200 is an aerosol.

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  1. Al Moar

    Great product. Ive had no issues at all using this so far! Nozzle on can sprays a very fine mist which is ideal

  2. xavier.zeschke (verified owner)

    Works very well. I learnt the hard way when using silicone on silicone, make sure you apply a good layer and use a brush to get in all the nooks.

  3. Neil (verified owner)

    tried both products, fine mist spray is awesome, no marks! and the mold separated easily even after multiple pours! and for isolating selective bond areas !! .. the brush on version works great too, but may leave marks

  4. Gillian Watson (verified owner)

    This is my go to release agent. Tried others but much prefer this.

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