Permabond A1044 200ml

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Features & Benefits 

  •  Instant low pressure seal 
  •  Does not shred or dry out 
  •  Excellent chemical resistance 
  •  Good high pressure resistance 
  •  WRAS approval for drinking water 

Permabond® A1044 is a rapid curing sealant designed to lock and seal metal pipe connections, offering very good resistance to even the most aggressive chemicals. 
Permabond A1044 can be used to seal against most gases and liquids and can provide an instant pressure seal, minimising down time and speeding up production 
processes. Unlike PTFE tape or hemp, Permabond A1044 will not shred or dry out, so it will provide a durable seal, helping to extend the life of the components. 


Weight 0.5 kg

Carton, Single

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