Fuse FX PPK Silicone Paint Series Kit

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The Pro Play Kit is a serious kit with a playful side, if that make any sense…? Yes it does! 
You have all the colors to make skin color and also 2 blood colors and bone color to make the gruesome parts. Great for painting severed limbs.

1 – 15 grams of S-301 skin base

1 – 30 grams of M-102 Tan

1 – 30 grams of M-105 Blush

1 – 30 grams of M-108 Blue

1 – 30 grams of LY-01 color

1 – 30 grams of F-216 Fresh Blood

1 – 30 grams of F-217 Old Blood

1 – 30 grams of F-222 Bleached Bone

1 – 30 grams of M-110 Clear
135g part “A”

1 – WS-1, 1oz. Water Soluble Matting Powder
Weight 1 kg
PPK Series

01-Light, 04-Medium Olive, 05-Rosy

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