Smooth-On Rebound 25 1 Gallon Kit 8.16kg

$595.78 inc GST ($541.62 ex GST)
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Potlife 20 min – Demould 6hrs

25 ShoreA

Rebound® silicone rubbers are easy-to-use platinum-cure silicone rubbers which self-thicken for making brush-on molds of almost any model. Mixed 1A:1B by volume (no scale necessary), Rebound® can be applied with a brush or spatula to vertical surfaces without sagging and will cure with negligible shrinkage to a flexible rubber.

3 to 4 layers are all that is necessary to make a strong, durable production mold for casting wax, gypsum, concrete or resins (urethane, polyester, etc.) And because Rebound® is a platinum silicone, it will last for many years in your mold library. Applications include reproducing sculpture, architectural restoration, making candle molds, etc.

Weight 9 kg
  1. nekomander

    being my first experience with brush on silicone I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the process is. it takes some time but the results are so clean, the team at rowe trading helped out with any questions I had, that was a huge help.

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