Fuse FX S Series Silicone Skin Pigment 30gm

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These FISC Silicone Pigments (AKA Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors) are the fundamental basics of all human skin tones.
Adding a few drops of these pigments to your 
clear Platinum silicone will give you an accurate foundation to mimic human flesh.
Mixing ratio is 2 to 3 drops per 10 grams of catalyzed silicone, 
(2 drops of pigments for softer silicones or silicone with additives).

S-Series SFX pigments (AKA Functional Intrinsic Skin Colors)
These are SFX base colors are great! What can I do with these colors? The names says it all… 

These pigments go a long way. One 30 grams bottle can tint over 3,300 grams of catalyzed silicone (or approx. 7.2 pounds or 116.4 oz).
While the 500 grams bottle can tint over 100,000 grams or 100 kilos (approx. 27 gallons or 220 pounds) or more depending on the softness of the silicone.
Now THAT’S a lot of silicone!!!

The skin base Pigments comes in 11 accurate colors:

S-300 Porcelain
S-301 Light
S-302 Medium
S-303 Olive
S-304 Medium Olive
S-305 Rosy
S-306 Warm Rosy
S-307 Warm Tan
S-308 Tan
S-309 Dark Tan
S-310 Dark

The SFX skin bases comes in 6 fantastic colors:
S-311 Waxy 
S-312 Howie Green 
S-313 Yellah Ray 
S-314 Suzy-Paulette Blue

S-315 Apricot
S-316 Walnut

– 311 Waxy, light skin tone with grayish tone for shock or a freshly dead corpse.
 312 Howie Green, light olive tone for 
greenish corpse,  monster, alien.
– 313 Yellah Ray, yellowy puss like color for more a decay look for corpse.
– 314 Suzy Paulette Blue, cyanosis blue tone for dead, frozen or drowned corpse.

– 315 Apricot, a peachy type skin tone.
– 316 Walnut, Walnut tone.

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S Series

S-300 Porcelain, S-301 Light, S-302 Medium, S-303 Olive, S-304 Medium Olive, S-305 Rosy, S-306 Warm Rosy, S-307 Warm Tan, S-308 Tan, S-309 Dark Tan, S-310 Dark, S-311 Waxy, S-312 Howie Green, S-313 Yellah Ray, S-314 Suzy-Paulette Blue, S-315 Apricot

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