Smooth-On Shell Shock Slow Trial Kit 1.14kg

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Shell Shock is a thixotropic plastic that will self thicken when mixed.   It can be brushed onto a wide variety of surfaces or into rubber molds.  Shell shock is perfect for making lightweight rigid molds for creating silicone appliances or you can brush a “gel coat” into a rubber mould and pack it up with a rigid foam for a highly detailed casting that is lightweight.  Shell Shock can also be used as an impact resistance coating for polystyrene foam.

  • Cures at room temperature
  • Virtually no shrinkage
  • Cures to hard, durable plastic
  • Good Compressive and flexural strength when cured.

Fully cured castings can be sanded, primed and painted.  Need a different colour?   Not a problem, Shell Shock plastic can be tinted with So-Strong Colour Tints.


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