Smooth-On Smash Plastic Trial Kit 900gm

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SMASH!® Plastic is a new urethane liquid plastic designed to shatter/crumble on impact (“breakaway glass”). SMASH!® is water clear and, once fully cured, shatters like glass. It can be cast solid in thin sections to make window panes or rotationally cast to form hollow bottles, jars or other glass-like objects to be used as breakable props for movie and stage productions. Maximum recommended thickness is 1/8″ (0.33 cm.).
SMASH!® is a room temperature cure system that is easy to use – mixed 1A: 1B by volume (1 cup + 1 cup). Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pouring. Cured castings are UV RESISTANT. Vibrant colors and color effects are achieved by adding pigment dispersions.CAUTION: NOT FOR HOME USE. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY.
Proper ventilation, A NIOSH Approved Respirator and Protective Clothing are required to minimize the risk of inhalation and dermal sensitization. If breathing is affected or a dermal rash develops, immediately cease using this product and seek medical attention. Read MSDS before using.

  • SMASH!® Plastic – 90 minute demold time – can be broken after 6 hours
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