Smooth-On Dragon Skin 20 5 Gallon Kit 36.28kg

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When you need a versatile silicone, reach for Smooth-On Dragon Skin. Dragon Skin isn’t just strong and stretchy – it’s also tear-resistant making it easy to work with for a variety of applications. Allowing you to create the unique details you need for your project.

Designed to last. You can use Dragon Skin platinum silicone for creating anything from skin effects and other movie special effects to making production molds for casting a variety of materials.

Why Choose Smooth-On Dragon Skin?

You can trust that dragon skin platinum silicone will always bounce back to its original form without distortion when stretched.

Plus, it easily mixes with a variety of colour pigments like Smooth-On Silc Pig.

  • Certified skin-safe varieties available
  • No scale needed – 1:1 mix ratio
  • Translucent colour
  • Mixes with colour pigments
  • Available in a variety of pot life and demoulds
  • High tear strength
  • Easy to thin down with Silicone Thinner
  • Becomes a brushable silicone when Smooth-On Thi-Vex is added
  • Cures at room temperature with minor shrinkage

Dragon Skin 20

  • 20 A Hardness
  • 25 Minute Pot Life
  • 4 Hour Demould
  • Vacuum Degassing Recommended
  • Use in a ventilated area

For information and instructions on how to use Dragon Skin safely please download the Technical Specification document at the top of this page.

Weight 40 kg

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