Smooth-On Epoxamite Clear Trial Kits

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For epoxy laminating, it doesn’t get much better than Smooth-On 2 part epoxy resin!

EpoxAmite is odourless, durable, and cures at room temperature so it’s ideal for a wide range of home hobbies and industrial applications.

Smooth-On EpoxAmite 100-Series Trial Kit

Smooth-On EpoxAmite is easy to use and plays well with reinforcements and fillers like Kevlar, E-Glass, S-Glass, carbon fibres, fumed silica, and Urefil. 

  • Holds up to sanding, drilling, grinding, machining, shaping, and painting
  • Accelerate cure time with heat
  • Awesome moisture resistance
  • Low viscosity
  • 24-hour cure time at room temperature
  • 55-minute pot life
  • Clear yellow finish
  • Simple mix ratios
  • Increase flexibility or lower viscosity with additives

EpoxAmite laminates are super easy to use and suitable for several applications such as bonding, repairs, coatings, wet lay-ups, gel coatings, castings, waterproofing, and much more.

  • 101 Fast Set – 11 Minute Pot Life / 6-8 Hour Cure
  • 102 Medium Set – 22 Minute Pot Life – 10-15 Hour Cure
  • 103 Slow Set – 55 Minute Pot Life – 20-24 Hour Cure

Need a different colour? Experiment with Uvo and Ignite colourants.

Grab a trial kit and see if this epoxy is the right choice for your project!

Weight 1.5 kg

101 Fast, 102 Medium, 103 Slow

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