Smooth-On Hyper Folic 1 Gallon 3.63kg

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HYPER-FOLIC™ Release Additive is a non-toxic, skin conditioning liquid that is mixed with Body Double™ silicone mold rubber prior to applying rubber to the skin.

HYPER-FOLIC™ will not only aid in releasing cured rubber from the skin but will also release cured rubber from hair-covered skin surfaces (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows, pubic hair, etc.)



  • Body Double™ with HYPER-FOLIC™ will still bond to itself.
  • Little or no release cream residue in the cured rubber means your mold is immediately ready for casting.
  • Used as directed, HYPER-FOLIC™ has minimal affect on the tear strength of Body Double™, allowing for an extremely strong mold
  • HYPER-FOLIC™ does not affect the skin safety rating of Body Double™ silicone



  • Gram Scale Necessary – For best results, always measure HYPER-FOLIC™ by weight.
  • Make sure the surface of the skin is clean and dry. Do not use cleansers containing aloe vera on the skin before applying Body Double™ with HYPER-FOLIC™, as inhibition may result.
  • Although HYPER-FOLIC™ will reduce the risk of body hair encapsulation, it is recommended that the hair be trimmed as short as possible.
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