Smooth-On SilcPig Electric 4oz

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Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Silicone Pigments are used for coloring tin-cure silicone rubber compounds such as Mold Max translucent ‘T’ Series products and platinum-cure silicones such as Dragon Skin and Ecoflex rubbers. Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Pigments also work well with Smooth-On’s skin effects systems such as Psycho Paint and Skin Tite. The fluorescent or “glow” effect is maximized under ultra-violet light or “black light.” The most dramatic color effect is realized when a Silc Pig™ Electric Fluorescent Pigment is used with a clear or translucent silicone.

What makes castings made with Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Pigments appear to glow? When you add Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Pigments to a silicone, more ultraviolet light from the cured material is visible to your eye vs. castings made with standard Silc-Pig pigments. Castings appear brighter in ambient light and appear to glow under UV light (black light).


  • Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Silicone Pigments are concentrated, so a little goes a long way when coloring Smooth-On silicone products.
  • Custom colors are possible by blending different Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent colors.
  • Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Silicone Pigments are skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.
Weight 0.8 kg

Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow

  1. numeric.suse (verified owner)

    SMOOTH-ON SILCPIG ELECTRIC 4OZ – Yellow gave excellent results.
    Mixing it with other silicone pigments provided consistent colours and it responded well to different lighting environments

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