Smooth-On Sorta Clear Series 1 Gallon Kit 4.49kg

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Smooth-On Sorta Clear 18 and 40 are premium clear silicone rubbers for mold making. They’re both food safe silicone rubbers and available in different cure times and hardnesses.


Smooth-On Sorta Clear – Transparent Silicone Rubber

Smooth-On Sorta Clear is a premium clear silicone rubber for mold making. Suitable for making jewellery, prototypes or a variety of other molds.

Smooth-On Sorta Clear 40 and Sorta Clear 18 are both food safe silicone. You can use them for culinary applications including casting chocolate and other confections.

You can cast a variety of materials into your Sorta Clear mold. Cast in urethane, epoxy and polyester resins without needing to apply a release agent. Other materials like wax and low melt metal alloys are also suitable to cast into Sorta Clear.

If you need to see your model when cutting it out Sorta Clear allows you to do it with ease. Making it the ideal clear silicone rubber for mold making.

Sorta Clear 18 and 40 both require a gram scale for measuring parts A + B. They cure at room temperature with minor shrinkage and have strong tear resistance. Use Smooth-On Silc Pig silicone pigments to add colour to your molds.

Why choose Smooth-On Sorta Clear Silicone Rubber?

Casting models with clear silicone rubber is suitable for a variety of molds. Making lollipop or ice shot glasses are some of the awesome things you can make with Sorta Clear silicone molds.

  • Cures at room temperature
  • Food safe silicone
  • High tear strength
  • Transparent in colour – easy for cutting out models
  • Minor shrinkage
  • Vacuum degassing is recommended

For more information on Sorta Clear 40 and 18 see below. Or download our technical specification above. 

Smooth On Sorta Clear 18
  • Shore 18A hardness
  • Cure time 24 hours
  • Requires a gram scale for measuring
  • Certified food safe silicone
  • Skin safe silicone 
Smooth On Sorta Clear 40
  • Shore 40A hardness
  • Cure time 16 hours
  • Requires a gram scale for measuring
  • Certified food safe silicone 

If you need a different Sorta Clear product or a different size check out our Smooth-On Sorta Clear Trial Kit Series.

Weight 6 kg
Sorta Clear

18, 40

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