Special effects makeup, known also as prosthetic makeup or FX makeup, is the process of utilising prosthetic moulding, sculpting, and casting techniques to produce realistic cosmetic effects.

Whether you're a newcomer to the world of special effects makeup or an experienced professional, we have the right products for your needs. As experts in the industry, we only offer special effects makeup supplies of the highest quality. We're the Australian distributor for Smooth-On. The reputable brand known for helping bring movies and TV shows to life.

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Are you producing a war-based documentary and want to display the type of injuries soldiers suffered? Perhaps you’re creating an indie film with zombies? Maybe you're producing an advert that stars an alien? Whatever the situation is, there are many reasons why you might turn to professional SFX makeup.

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At Rowe Trading, we have all the professional special effects makeup you could need for your project. Whether you want to make a spooky mask with silicone rubber, produce realistic cuts and blood. Or craft unique props that cannot be found elsewhere, we’ve got you covered. We stock rubbers, foams, and plastics. And you can rest assured our special effects makeup materials are skin safe.

If you're a beginner with SFX makeup and are not sure where to start, you could go with a makeup kit. These kits range from trial sizes for testing to five-gallon ones that are perfect for large projects. Aside from kits, you can also purchase individual products such as body makeup and silicone prosthetic makeup.

Quality Special Effects Makeup

Even if you’re operating on a tight budget, you can find prosthetic makeup products below that has the right price tag. However, don’t mistake the affordable cost as compromising on quality. We only offer Smooth-On products, which is a benchmark for quality in the SFX makeup industry.

The Smooth-On products we stock have been used by special effects artists to create spectacular special FX on huge movies such as: Jaws, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond Series, Aliens, Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, Harry Potter Series, X-Men Series, Lord of the Rings, Saw, Ghostbusters, The Chronicles of Narnia, Batman, as well as plenty of TV and Broadway shows.

The Right Professional SFX Makeup For You

Whether your project is creating full-scale prosthetics like a silicone mask. Or something less demanding like cuts or bruises we have the SFX and prosthetic makeup materials you need. This means you can create soft foam stunt props, gruesome injuries, and so much more.

Our products are not just exclusive for those in the movie and television trade. We're loved by those who want to take their cosplay creations to the next level. The same can also be said for Halloween enthusiasts that want to go beyond store-bought props and special effects makeup.

Not sure what type of product would be best for your needs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Rowe Trading, our experts have many years of experience and we can point you in the right direction when assistance is required.

Check out our wide range of special effects makeup and prop-making materials below. It’ll scare you just how real your special effects can look when you use the right products.

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